Friday, September 22, 2017

Julie Newmar Hand Warmer and Flirtin' Corey

Back in the year 2000, when I was still a young homo, I went to Wondercon in its' home at the time of Oakland, CA. This was when it was still a considerable smaller convention than what it is today. It would also become one of the gayest moments in my personal life.

I met a number of celebrities that day, from the guy who played Radar from M.A.S.H. to Corey Haim. Interesting bit about him: he flirted with me. Like genuinely flirted with me. I honestly was taken a bit aback by this because I did not think he was interested in guys. Specifically bearish guys. Nothing more came from the flirtation, but when shaking his hand he didn't just shake it he held it like if it was my dick he would have sucked it.

That was not the only gay thing that happened to my hand that day, either.

I had the pleasure of meeting iconic Batman actress and LGBT icon Julie Newmar. There she was, all glamour and glitz, talking about how cold it was. Like old people do. I went to go shake her hand when she suddenly seized it. She enjoyed the warmth of my hand so much she refused to let go.

What happened next, I still cannot believe happened, but it did.

She then invited me to sit with her as long as she kept hold of my hand to keep her warm. In between signing autographs (where she NEVER LET GO OF MY HAND), she used me for warmth. For a good 30 mins or so until she felt warm enough, like some lizard woman. I got to talk with her about the Batman TV show, Adam West, and also the film To Wong Foo.

My hand was used by both Julie Newmar and Corey Haim that day. Quite a day.

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