Wednesday, October 25, 2017

United States of Geekdom 2.0 Episode 3: Taking it on the Butt Chin

What's that? Want to hear an episode in which Rick, Roy, Heather, and Sandra are joined by Andrew Farmer from Hey Kids. Comics? An episode in which Andrew winds up slow clapping at Heather for taking the conversation places where No One Has Gone Before? An episode in which Tuvok is brought up every single chance Farmer gets? An episode where Heather gets fired up and bad things happen? Oh, and we manage to talk about Star Trek in the process.  All this and more in this new episode of the United States of Geekdom!

Wednesday, September 27, 2017


Hey Spankerbots! We are back with an all new episode of this this we cast call pod! Ready for the deets on this geeked out gabfest? Sweet.

In this one, we hear both Rick and Heather totally like geek out on this little game called "Final Fantasy". I never heard of it, have you? Thought so. Well, apparently it is 20 years old this year and I guess that is a big deal? I mean, it's only a ground breaking video game and stuff. It's not, like, say "E.T." on Atari 2600. Now THAT is the shiznitz! 

Then Roy and Sandra grab the mic and say "Enough with this Final Fantasy part 700" part: WE ARE HERE TO SCARE THE PEE OUT OF YO' KIDS WITH THIS KILLER CLOWN! They discuss how "It" may be one of the best horror films ever made, because you know it is and if you did not like well then fine do not like it, it's cool and all. Just know we wanna have Pennywise' hate babies. As soon as The Babadook lets him go.

Oh, we also discuss who besides Amy Adams should be cast as the adults, and also discuss why running over kids today in a movie may or may not be ok if they remake "Pet Semetery"

Download the episode here:

Friday, September 22, 2017

Julie Newmar Hand Warmer and Flirtin' Corey

Back in the year 2000, when I was still a young homo, I went to Wondercon in its' home at the time of Oakland, CA. This was when it was still a considerable smaller convention than what it is today. It would also become one of the gayest moments in my personal life.

I met a number of celebrities that day, from the guy who played Radar from M.A.S.H. to Corey Haim. Interesting bit about him: he flirted with me. Like genuinely flirted with me. I honestly was taken a bit aback by this because I did not think he was interested in guys. Specifically bearish guys. Nothing more came from the flirtation, but when shaking his hand he didn't just shake it he held it like if it was my dick he would have sucked it.

That was not the only gay thing that happened to my hand that day, either.

I had the pleasure of meeting iconic Batman actress and LGBT icon Julie Newmar. There she was, all glamour and glitz, talking about how cold it was. Like old people do. I went to go shake her hand when she suddenly seized it. She enjoyed the warmth of my hand so much she refused to let go.

What happened next, I still cannot believe happened, but it did.

She then invited me to sit with her as long as she kept hold of my hand to keep her warm. In between signing autographs (where she NEVER LET GO OF MY HAND), she used me for warmth. For a good 30 mins or so until she felt warm enough, like some lizard woman. I got to talk with her about the Batman TV show, Adam West, and also the film To Wong Foo.

My hand was used by both Julie Newmar and Corey Haim that day. Quite a day.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Remembering Bernie Casey...

For those who listened to the old iteration of the United States of Geekdom, you know that early on we talked about a film genre that was very prevalent during the 1970s.  That genre was Blaxploitation.  It is a very interesting genre as it features African Americans as the heroes of the stories and they were geared toward that kind of audience as well.  Many of them are very entertaining films and are unparalleled in terms of storytelling and filmmaking.  One of the many iconic actors to come out of this genre was Bernie Casey.

I first saw Mr. Casey as the tough talking head of the fraternity Lambda, Lambda, Lambda in the movie Revenge of the Nerds.  He had a presence in the film that essentially let you know he was not one to be messed with.  His character's lack of sense of humor led to some of the funnier bits in that movie, but it is his 11th hour scene at the end of the movie, small as it is, that makes the biggest impact.

Casey was also in another movie we talked about in the old episodes, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure.  I was thrilled to see him in another movie, playing an authority figure.  As always, he was fantastic, and his take no crap attitude came in very handy in dealing with Bill S. Preston Esquire and Ted Theodore Logan.

As I said, Mr. Casey is a former Blaxploitation actor.  He even lampooned himself in the Keenan Ivory Wayans film, "I'm Gonna Git You, Sucka!"  His character was so badass, he had his own band following him at all times just so he could have his theme music playing wherever he went.

He also appeared in a favorite of mine from the Blaxploitation films, Cleopatra Jones as Tamara Dobson's love interest, Reuben.

Bernie Casey had many, many other roles, and definitely worth checking out; but these are some of my favorites.  Our deepest condolences go out to Mr. Casey's family, friends and fellow fans.  Thank you Mr. Casey for some great films. 

Monday, September 4, 2017


It's time to get your geek on...again! The USG is back, and with a new cast. In this return episode, get to know the team and realize this not safe for work. At least not this episode. I mean, what do you expect when you get together four nerds who are best friends and one of them is a foul mouth gay man and two of them are sassy butt ladies? Romper Room? No man, you get this...this...this magic audio black tar heroin that slides into your ears that will make you all go OOOOOH YEAH I LIKE THIS IT MAKES ME WANNA JUST GET ALL WARM AND HAVE FUN!

Yeah, that's this new episode. Hang tight folks, it's unfiltered so NOT FOR KIDS! Have them watch like Teletubbies or something with goats. 

Just download it here:
Or, play it right here, right now!

Sunday, August 27, 2017

In Memoriam: Tobe Hooper

Hey everybody, Rick here with some sad news.  Tobe Hooper, director of such films as THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 2, LIFEFORCE, INVADERS FROM MARS, and POLTERGEIST has passed away. I thought it would be a nice way to pay tribute and do a little retrospective on some of Hooper's work because he is widely considered to be an influential horror director.


I remember the taboo that surrounded the original  "Chainsaw Massacre", and I will never forget the first time I saw the movie.  I didn't see it until I was well into my 20s, and even then, it packed a whallop.  I remember a lot of friends telling me that it is SUPER gory.  Truth be told, the movie is largely bloodless.  There are moments that COULD have had extra gore, but they didn't.  It is more off screen and implied than anything, but that does not necessarily mean that the movie is any less terrifying. Even the trailer is pretty freaky in its own right.



I never did see this particular one.  I have heard some mixed things about it.  I am intrigued to see it though.  If I get around to doing so, I will definitely post a review.


 I will preface here by saying that I am aware of the controversy surrounding Hooper and POLTERGEIST in that Steven Spielberg apparently directed it, but I am not going to discuss that  here because Hooper is listed as director. This was my first foray into horror.  I first saw this one when I was a kid and it was like going on a roller coaster.  It is a bit of a slow burn, though but when it kicks into gear, the scares hit fast and hard.  I love everything about this movie and it really is a lot of spooky fun;.



Another one I have not seen, but have heard a lot about.  Don't judge. I lived a sheltered childhood.  This one is high on my list of stuff to see. This particular one kicked off Hooper's collaborations with the much maligned movie studio, Cannon Films.   Hooper had so much success with this one that he went and made two more movies with them producing. Be warned that this trailer is NSFW.


This one I HAVE  seen.  It is a remake of an older film.  My reaction to it was mixed.  I enjoyed the look of the film, but at the time I saw it, I was much younger than I am now, and it freaked me out something fierce.  I wonder if my reaction to it now would be any different.



This one I have definitely seen.  I quite enjoyed it for the most part.  The stand out not being the character of Leatherface, but rather that of Chop Top, played by the incomparable Bill Mosley.  He steals every scene that he is in, even more so than Dennis Hopper, who is clearly having a lot of fun as a sheriff bent on getting Leatherface and his cronies taken out. This one is a lot of fun, though I found the ending to be just completely baffling.


Hooper made other movies, but none were as successful as his early stuff.  I remember seeing this last trailer shown at a Fangoria Weekend of Horrors convention and was intrigued by it.  I eventually saw it on home video; if for no other reason than Robert Englund was in this one and it looked creepy.  it was based on a Stephen King novel.  Hooper, Englund and King!  How could that go wrong? Well...

In his heyday, Tobe Hooper was a definite innovator and a name in horror.  He helped define a genre and it is a shame that his later work could not reflect his earlier, better films.  That said, he is a cinematic presence that will be enjoyed and talked aboout even today.  Our deepest condolences to his family, friends, and fellow fans.

Sunday, August 20, 2017