Wednesday, September 27, 2017


Hey Spankerbots! We are back with an all new episode of this this we cast call pod! Ready for the deets on this geeked out gabfest? Sweet.

In this one, we hear both Rick and Heather totally like geek out on this little game called "Final Fantasy". I never heard of it, have you? Thought so. Well, apparently it is 20 years old this year and I guess that is a big deal? I mean, it's only a ground breaking video game and stuff. It's not, like, say "E.T." on Atari 2600. Now THAT is the shiznitz! 

Then Roy and Sandra grab the mic and say "Enough with this Final Fantasy part 700" part: WE ARE HERE TO SCARE THE PEE OUT OF YO' KIDS WITH THIS KILLER CLOWN! They discuss how "It" may be one of the best horror films ever made, because you know it is and if you did not like well then fine do not like it, it's cool and all. Just know we wanna have Pennywise' hate babies. As soon as The Babadook lets him go.

Oh, we also discuss who besides Amy Adams should be cast as the adults, and also discuss why running over kids today in a movie may or may not be ok if they remake "Pet Semetery"

Download the episode here:

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